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PTLLS Unit 012 Principles of Assessment in Lifelong Learning Essay

Produce 1 Written Rationale of 1000 words for all regions of exploration in 1 to 3. 1.1 Analyze how kinds of appraisal are utilized in deep rooted learning: â€Å"Assessments ought to be a customary procedure; it may not generally be formalized, yet you ought to be seeing what your students are doing, posing inquiries and assessing their advancement all through their time with you†. Gravells A. Page 113. Appraisals are utilized to follow student as well as mentor progress. Underneath I have recorded some used in my ordinary instructing life: Beginning Assessment Attempted before an exercise or course is conveyed and guides my meeting intending to meet learner’s desires. Preferably this recognizes earlier information, individual learner’s current levels and any unique necessities. Attempted utilizing a mix of the accompanying: * Observations * One-to-one assessment ‘Is the student is on the privilege course’ ‘Will they effectively complete all necessities to pass this course’. * Competency tests (Functional Skills). Is there is any shortcoming? Extra modules to help the student. Developmental Assessment An on-going procedure occurring during meetings appearing as: * Quizzes and riddles. Learns information retention. * Verbal inquiry and answers. Enables check whether the students to fathom the theme. * Journals. To help the record emotions, what went right and what can be enhanced. This encourages me evaluate educating to the right level or valuable I changes in accordance with my arrangement and strategies. * Observations. I can stroll around the room and watch the learner’s work. Summative Assessments Done toward the finish of a course to quantify what amount has been held typically through: * End obviously formal tests or tests. To perceive what they have realized. * Portfolio: This is a gather particle of the students work all through the course. 1.2 Analyze how evaluation strategies are utilized in long lasting learning: To recognize what earlier information a student has, I would make a self-appraisal survey that requires explicit answers, (mark boxes). I would then incorporate this with my meeting plans. Journals or Learning Journals are utilized to report on-going gaining from every meeting. Progress is estimated and any holes in educating or learning tended to. Reenactment is utilized to check whether students can get guidelines and generation of what they have seen or heard in regular daily existence circumstances. Assignments assess how well students can explore specific subjects at that point put words to their discoveries. Conversations are a decent vehicle for appraisal and understanding when different techniques might be hard to oversee. Friend input where individual students give their remarks and approach inquiries for lucidity. 1.3 Evaluate qualities and confinements of appraisals techniques to meet individual less fatty needs: Tests and riddles can be utilized casually to survey if learning is occurring. In any case if the reason for existing is to quantify singular learning the inquiries should be fluctuated. The best path is to have the appraisal PC produced however this isn't generally conceivable if the right programming or office isn't accessible. Journals help education and language abilities. The student would likewise have the option to consider back what they have realized; constructing their certainty to self-survey. With the goal for this to work, there should be clear points and destinations. A portfolio is a proper method to assemble proof created over some undefined time frame covering all subjects educated. This should be checked for things, for example, literary theft and if data utilized is current and effectively referenced. Pretend is another evaluation strategy. The students are given a situation from their exercise which they have the chance to carry on connecting hypothesis to rehearse. There should be clear clarification given, this can be tedious and not all students may feel great assuming jobs. Assessments can evaluate what students have held by simply reviewing data. The drawback of this is students may have just been instructed what is expected to finish the test and not hold any of different hypotheses they may require at a later stage. 2.1 Evaluate how to include students in the appraisal procedure: As a mentor I will do different techniques for evaluation to keep up constant improvement; I additionally include my students simultaneously. By giving my students clear rules they embrace shared appraisals, where they give verbal input to one another. This animates center around the subject being educated; empowers relational abilities and the disclosure of shared view. In some cases remarks originating from a companion can be preferable gotten over from the mentor. Checking their own work and progress through self-appraisal is helpful as this offers students a chance to step back and think about their goals and whether they’ve achieved them. I additionally lead coordinated instructional exercises in a casual way where we talk about goals, progress and advancement. This exhibits positive and individual consideration. As expressed by Wilson L. (2009). page112 â€Å"Assessment is a term given to watching that learning has happened. It might occur at any stage during the learner’s progress through their qualification†. Evaluations are likewise a device to rouse and support the certainty of students. 2.2 Analyze the job of companion and self â€assessment in the appraisal procedure: Peer evaluations are a decent methods for affirming and sharing thoughts. During encouraging meetings I am ready to portray my perceptions and legitimize how I arrived at resolutions. My friends may concur or get me to take a gander at what I’ve communicated in an alternate manner in this way through conversation we go to an agreement. Taking a gander at peer appraisal on my smaller scale educate meeting. I was satisfied with the input. It obviously indicated what I am certain about; what I have to enhance and what I ought to consider for future conveyance. Their input was empowering and it has affirms I have settled on the right choice vocation insightful. I discovered incorporating what I definitely know with what I have realized in the course of recent weeks extremely helpful. There were a few difficulties I had while making my own small scale show meeting, this is all piece of the learning procedure for me. Both during however predominately as meeting reach a conclusion I to do a psychological self-appraisal prompting writing down my own musings down to help improvement going ahead. 3.1 Explain the need to track appraisal learning: Assessments ought to be recorded make proof of realizing, how it is assessed and progress made. Records additionally fill for the need of check for reviews, for quality confirmation and for administrative bodies. * Assessment following can be utilized to show advancement and students necessities being met. * Feedback and activity records are utilized to show that a student has had input, what was concurred and when it is completed. * Learning styles results will help with comprehensiveness while surveying or making meeting plans. * Enrolment structures to affirm the learner’s subtleties, crisis contact, regardless of whether they are allowed to contemplate and what the student pursued. 3.2 Summarize prerequisites for keeping records in an association: All administration, lawful and hierarchical rules ought to be followed and normally examined. Secrecy must be kept up consistently by any people holding/utilizing individual information in accordance with the ‘Data Protection’ and ‘Freedom of Information’ Acts. Records ought to be precise, readable and current with explicit principles in regards to capacity, access and evacuation of old data. All strategies ought to be to a concurred standard independent of who, whom and how attempted. WORDCOUNT: 1089 List of sources Gravells A. (2012) Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector fifth Edition, London: Learning Matters Wilson L. (2009) Practical Teaching A Guide to PTLLS and DTLLS. Cengage Learning EMEA

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Fogbusters inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fogbusters inc - Essay Example The domain to examine and give an advancement proposition and choose a segregating decision is the gathering and gracefully benefits A portion of the things changed by FOGBUSTERS Inc system fuse Goslyn. This is an immiscible liquid separator which works under hydro static weight and doesn't have any moving parts. Imaginative (patent pending) development has the capability to continually and forever remove Fats, Oils and Greases from squander spouting. It keeps purges completely liberated while murdering the prerequisite for absurd sprinkling systems or oil trap siphoning. It also evacuates the solid debris that move past void wicker container. It is normally these solids, mixing with the fats, oils and oils that cause the lions portion of channel blockages. FOGBUSTERS Inc System is inside and out greener than the elective structures centered around different legitimacy ideal conditions, It gets water cleaner (increasingly level ppm of FOG), basically lessens the use of synthetic compounds and diminishes the period of oil overflow that general obliges trucking costs. Likewise, it diminishes landfill use, decreases the glitch of downstream wastewater medication systems, and energizes reusing of waste FOG for biodiesel age and various businesses. Most biofuel feedstocks (corn, canola, oil palm and other oil items) involve cropland and various resources from food planning (the sustenance versus fuel circumstance) come as a bi-aftereffect of Fogbuster. A business’s innovative headway assumes a gigantic job in picking where to find a business. A very much created web, correspondences, and innovation makes working together across outskirts simple. It resembles evacuating all limits that exist whether physical or fanciful. Most organizations have built up their innovative framework in this way significantly facilitating the method of doing

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The Laptop Computer :: Mobile Computing Portable

Alan Kay has commented that had Vannevar Bush delighted in working on the whole night bistros, he would have developed the convenient PC. (Press, 1993, p.31) The PC had an enormous effect in the territories of business, training, government, and individual use. The rise of compact processing and the PC be followed to the presentation of the PC itself. In 1975, the MITS Altair 8800 was presented. The Altair is perceived similar to the primary financially effective PC and the starting point for the PC upset (Sysop, n.d.). Simultaneously, the possibility of compactness (specifically for the businessman) turned into a significant concentration in the business. This new want for registering movability presented various new difficulties. Factors, for example, cost, weight, power source, screen and console size, by and large size, and included programming introduced extraordinary difficulties to PC framework fashioners. There is some discussion in regards to which machine holds guarantee to being the main versatile PC, as convenient was a relative term utilized generously. The most punctual portables, while overwhelming by today’s gauges, shared the normal trait of incorporating a console, memory, processor(s), show, and expandability potential into a solitary unit ready to be moved. In 1975, around one month after the Altair’s debut, IBM presented the 5100 †named the IBM Portable PC. There were barely any PCs accessible around this time, making the incredible 5100 extremely alluring as a total convenient framework (Sysop, n.d.). At right around 60 pounds and an expense of $9,000-$20,000 be that as it may, it was alluring to a little crowd. It was structured explicitly for proficient and logical issue solvers. Quite a long while later observed the presentation of what most students of history allude to as the main really convenient PC, the Osborne 1 (Bellis, 2005). Discharged in 1981, the Osborne 1 weighed around 24 pounds and sold for $1795. While the unit itself was still rather massive, it contained a crease out console, 5 inch screen, and two floppy plate drives. Its greatest worth be that as it may, was the $1500 worth of programming that accompanied it. Dissimilar to the IBM 5100, the Osborne 1 alternatively ran on battery packs, empowering genu ine convenientce. Advances in innovation saw the diminishing in size of convenient PCs, just as an expansion in processing power.

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Painting Techniques Romanesque vs Ancient Aegean Arts - 550 Words

Compare And Contrast Two Historical Art Painting Techniques: Romanesque vs Ancient Aegean Arts (Essay Sample) Content: Students NameProfessorCourseDateRomanesque Art vs. Ancient Aegean ArtI will be contrasting works of art from two historic periods; Romanesque Art and Ancient Aegean Art.Romanesque Art From the Romanesque Art, I will be discussing a sculpture with the title Flight into Egypt by a well-known sculptor termed Gislebertus. It is located at the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, Burgundy, France and is dated back to 1130. Gislebertus was the only known sculptor who inscribed his name on the tympanum of a Romanesque church (Adams 377). The Flight into Egypt illustrates the Holy Family escaping from the command of King Herod, which appointed the taking of the lives of all male off springs under the age of two (Adams 377). Joseph directs a vivacious, high-stepping donkey carrying Christ and Mary away from Bethlehem into Egypt. The capital signifies a recognition of refined surface design, a trait of Romanesque sculpture. Cosmetic foliage is relegated to the background, and desi gn-rich circles reinforce the figures. Open and closed circle patterns are repeated in the borders of the draperies on Josephs hat, on the haloes, and in the donkeys trappings (Adams 377). Additionally, typical are the repeated curves resembling folds, which are curved into the draperies essentially for their patterned feature than to depict organic quality. On Josephs tunic, the surface curves emphasize the concept of backward movement giving the impression that the cloth had been blown by an abrupt gust of wind (Adams 377). The Romanesque artists lack of attention to gravity is evident in the figure of Christ. He is facing frontwards, with his right hand on a sphere being held by Mary. He is suspended between her knees, with no suggestion of reinforcement for his weight (Adams 377).The Ancient AegeanFrom the Ancient Aegean, the piece of art that I will be discussing is the Ship Fresco (left section) from Akrotiri, Thera. It goes back to around 1650-1500 B.C and is 15 Ã'• inches (40cm) tall (Adams 123-124). It was painted in a lengthy horizontal strip, or frieze, which extends over windows and doorways (Adams 123-124). The setting incorporates villages, boats, cities, harbors, human figures, landscapes, sea-life, and land animals. All these present information regarding the culture of ancient Thera. Case in point, the boats are propelled with the usage of sails and paddles, some of the houses contain several stories, and the dressing code is specifically Theran (Adams 123-124). A number of translations of the Ship Fresco have been indicated, from the plain come back of a fleet to...

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Aging Population - Consequences on Consumer Goods Industry

1 Introduction Longevity and falling birth rates will bring new challenges and opportunities for societies and companies all over the world. While the lifespan will rise and the share of older age cohort will increase, societies and companies must take actions to prepare for these changes to be able to survive with the increasing liabilities caused by older employees. Companies must also scrutinize their marketing strategies, so that they will be ready for the new powerful consumer generation, the seniors. The changing demographics will have a major impact on the consumption patterns as the world`s population ages. For example, the age cohort people older than 65 will double to 1 billion over the next 20 years (United Nations†¦show more content†¦One of the greatest possibilities can be found from safety issues, how to make home even safer place to live for the elderly. Fast moving consumer goods companies should also take in to consideration the coming shift in demographics. For example cosmetic companies should develop products targeted at aged consumers. Until now the only cosmetic products targeted to more mature audience are mainly skin care. There can be seen a lot of possibilities as the consumers have been using cosmetics all their lives. Also the food industry can be predicted to benefit if they find a way of promoting groceries which the elderly see beneficial for themselves. As stated in the report by McKinsey Company (Georges Desvaux 2012), the wealth and consumpt ion is increasingly concentrating among the aging population. Combined to their new needs and their value consciousness, this will have significant implications for business. The distribution of both economic growth and consumer spending is expected to move toward the goods and services most popular with elderly people. It is expected that the consumers over 50 will account for more than half of increased spending on consumer electronics and almost three-quarters of house wares. If the companies have not taken the older consumers into account on their business strategies, it is aboutShow MoreRelatedJapans Economic History in the Last Forty Years Essay1306 Words   |  6 Pageswas the cause for the initial stagnation, but they disagree as to the reasons for why this persists. Some are of the opinion that the domestic sector’s lack of dynamism and an aging population are to blame because they hinder domestic spending (Samuelson, 2010). Other economists, such as Paul Krugman, b elieve that consumers and companies’ excessive savings are the root causes (Kuepper, n.d.). Very low interest rates drove stock market and real estate speculation in the 1980s. All the speculationRead MoreThe Great Depression Of 1929 And World War II988 Words   |  4 Pagesincome, location, marriage, children, etc., percentage of the population) Information Seniors born entre January 1, 1933 and December 31, 1945 are described as Post-War Cohort and have a current Population of 55 million, but their population is declining. According to, they are retirees in majority and formed the largest voting population. Seniors or veterans also called Silent Generation inherited the consequences of the Great Depression of 1929 and World War II. They feel gratifiedRead MoreCOMPETITIVE STRATEGY OF WINE INDUSTRY1331 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿COMPETITIVE STRATEGY OF WINE INDUSTRY The wine may appear to be a simple drink with limited variation available, has turned into a multibillion dollar a year industry with enormous variation and an increasingly sophisticated consumer base. The variation available and changes in the age groups who are becoming the major markets for wine producers have created visible market trends that cannot be ignored. These trends also affect the global market. Read MoreEssay Sex Drugs and Econ1535 Words   |  7 Pagespatterns of human behavior and human choices that often seem unpredictable and irrational, unless these choices are closely examined in their specific context. Diane Coyle’s book Sex, Drugs, and Economics uses examples as far-reaching as the sex industry, illegal drugs, and sports, as well as other unlikely sources such as the behavior of modern teenagers and popular music, to illustrate such basic economic concepts as supply and demand. Coyle suggests that, as econ omics attempts to explain humanRead MoreBusiness Management - Factors Affecting Organisations1084 Words   |  5 Pagesto generate good publicity. The company is also affected if there is a change in customer’s preference. Suppliers refer to people or organizations providing funds or labor. Managers need to understand this as a dearth or delay in such supply or inputs can adversely affect the organization. A regular and reliable stream of supplies/suppliers results in meeting demands, hitting targets and accomplishing organizational goals. Since the Soup Restaurant is in the food and beverage industry, service isRead MoreThe Term Human Resources Planning1128 Words   |  5 Pagesthe significance of the term ‘derived demand’ as it applies to Strategic Human Resources Planning. (5 marks) Derived demand is defined as a requirement for one product that is created due to the purchase of another product. It occurs for consumers who purchase goods for further production, because their purchases are based on the demand for their final product.[1] For example, when the demand for automobiles is high, the derived demand for steel, and all other products used to make automobiles, isRead MoreType Of Chinese Economic Reform1278 Words   |  6 Pageschanges is in resource allocation. Now, resource allocation is mainly influenced by the market rather than the central planning. As the alternative mechanism, government interventions take place when the market mechanism is not enough to maintain the good performance of economy. Besides, China is opening to the outside world away from the closed and self-fettered condition. Four special economic zones, fourteen coastal cities and three open coastal economic zones were set up successively in the 1980sRead MoreEconomic Security of South Korea1542 Words   |  7 Pages(OECD). Factors Affecting The Economic Security Life span Primary health care has improved tremendously for past decades. Consequently, good quality of life has contributed to longer life span among the population of South Korea citizens. Therefore the median of age of working population has shifted towards older generation.The aging population seems to be of major concern among the economic community because they might affect the economic growth of the nation. In order to sustain rapidRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Products And Services1616 Words   |  7 Pagesenter into new markets to pursue another business momentum. Based on the preliminary research, Germany will be the most appropriate potential market of Easy Run. According to Power (2008), the impact of certain external factors may have more severe consequences for a business and the PEST-C analysis can identify the threats and assess potential implications (p. 361). The comparison between the US and Germany is listed in Appendix B and summarized below. Both America and Germany have stable politicalRead MoreEvaluate the Role of International Trade and Economic Integration in Promoting Development.6281 Words   |  26 PagesEvaluate the role of International trade and economic integration in promoting development. Traditionally, development has been measured in terms of income levels (GDP per capita) as this can show the value of a country’s goods and services produced in a year shared between its population. The GDP per capita can then be compared between multiple countries to form comparisons. However, the fundamental flaw of GDP is that it does not show what resources were used, how they were used, pollution or the sustainability

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The Media and Vietnam - 1820 Words

â€Å"For the first time in modern history the outcome of a war was determined not on the battlefield but on the printed page and, above all, on the television screen† -Robert Elegant Robert Elegant’s quote explains the significant role the media played in the Vietnam War. This essay will argue that the media’s effect was one dominant aspect of why the United States lost the war in Vietnam. Looking in detail at the heavily televised ‘Tet Offensive’, this essay will suggest that this series of battles was the beginning of the decisive part the media played in influencing public opinion. It is worth nothing that there are several factors involved in why the United States lost the Vietnam War, but this essay will focus on just one. Overall, it†¦show more content†¦It was just the beginning, in the years that followed the media’s coverage continued to shift the American publics view against the Vietnam War. The ‘Tet Offensive’ showed the first signs of the effect the media had in Vietnam, which led to the the question of â€Å"why did the audience see what they saw?† Firstly, unlike previous wars journalists had â€Å"extraordinary† freedom to cover Vietnam without any direct government intervention. Overtime this noticeably created a problem where the harsh brutal accounts from journalists differed from the positive optimism that United States Officials portrayed. The media was simply the messenger to the American people. But this was the first instance where technological advances had allowed a war to be played out on your own television screen every night of the week. The journalists reacted in the same way as the American public; they too were shocked beyond belief at the constant scenes of burning villages, bloody soldiers and lifeless bodies. These feelings came across in the broadcasts and like the ‘media effects theory’ explains, naturally Americans took up that same belief. This was the first time that the American public showed collective beliefs opposing to the war. To further push public opinion against the war, Hallin suggested that there was a â€Å"†¦declining morale among American troops in the field†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . The thirty-minute nightlyShow MoreRelatedThe Media and Vietnam1832 Words   |  8 Pagesthe significant role the media played in the Vietnam War. This essay will argue that the media’s effect was one dominant aspect of why the United States lost the war in Vietnam. Looking in detail at the heavily televised ‘Tet Offensive’, this essay will suggest that this series of battles was the beginning of the decisive part the media played in influencing public opinion. It is worth nothing that there are several factors involved in why the United States lost the Vietnam War, but this essay willRead MoreThe Media and the Military in the Vietnam War1593 Words   |  6 PagesThe med ia and Military The War in Vietnam was the first real â€Å"television† war, meaning it was the first conflict where the U.S. military found itself attempting to control a media which was not fully supportive of the country’s involvement. (79) It was also the first â€Å"open† conflict where the media was deployed in force without restriction. (79) The media saw a need to cater to those who opposed the war for the first time. The conflict was taking place in a remote area, and apart from conscriptionRead MoreMedia Coverage On The Vietnam War1549 Words   |  7 PagesThe Vietnam War introduced many new forms of technology on and off of the battlefield. Increased weaponry helped shape the outcome of the war, but media coverage also played a large role in representing the news and opinions of the war. Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer helps illustrate how the media influences and spreads the opinions of the people during the Vietnam War. The war media, which includes newspapers, movies, and most importantly television, caters towards its audience. What the mediaRead MoreMedia Coverage Of The Vietnam War1257 Words   |  6 Pagesin the traditional sense. They fight with audio and video, instead. (Rewrite Hook) This was live coverage of the Vietnam War, a long, bloody, unforgotten, and unappreciated war. Once these horrif ying images were cast onto American screens, United States would find itself covered in ruins. Ruins that would cost years and years to rebuild. (Fix Transition) Media coverage of the Vietnam War ignited a new era of journalism and served as a driving force in the public’s perception of United States involvementRead MoreVietnam War and the Media Essay2813 Words   |  12 Pagesof the ‘guilty media’ thesis in respect of any war of your choice Natasa Perdiou The Vietnam War was the first war that allowed uncensored media coverage resulting in images and accounts of horrific events that served to shape public opinion of the war like nothing that had been seen before. This portrayal by the media led to a separation between the press and the U.S. government, as much of what was reported defied the intentions of government policy. The media has fell blame byRead MoreVietnam War and Media Essay3088 Words   |  13 Pages Media Transformations: Can media help win – or lose – a war? Answer through detailed discussion of coverage in one war since 1945. Introduction: The Vietnam War could be characterized as one of the most controversial incident in America’s history. United States acted paradoxically; they claimed that they protected democracy, they raised an oppressive dictatorial regime in the area of South Vietnam and later the US army was destroying villages in order to protect them (Wiest, 2002). In termsRead MoreMass Media and the Vietnam War Essay842 Words   |  4 PagesMass Media and the Vietnam War Many people at the beginning and before the Vietnam War were in confusion on whether going to war was such a good thing; this mainly consisted of the American public. By the time it had reached the peak of the war much of the American public had swung towards being for the war. This was mainly due the mass media at the time, one integral part of the mass media that often swayed public opinion was television, it proved to be such an effectiveRead More The Impact of the Media on the Vietnam War Essay1710 Words   |  7 PagesThe Impact of the Media on the Vietnam War This essay will discuss to what degree the media can be blamed for the United States’ loss in the Vietnam conflict ending 1975. It will be based predominantly on key written resources on the subject, but it will also contain - by means of an interview - certain first-hand observations from a Vietnam War veteran. For the sake of conciseness, and in order to focus the bulk of the content on the main topic, this essay will make certain assumptionsRead MoreVietnam War Outcome Influenced by the Media1510 Words   |  7 PagesTerm 3 Paper: The Media and Vietnam War The Vietnam War was a war of mass destruction, leaving Vietnam to become bitterly divided and claiming the many lives of Vietnamese civilians as well as American soldiers. Out of all the wars in American history, the Vietnam War was the first war to be broadly televised and covered by the media. It came to be known as the first â€Å"Television War†. Journalists began to pour into Vietnam from all over the nation, to cover the lives of the American Soldiers asRead MoreMedia Coverage of the Vietnam War Essay952 Words   |  4 PagesVietnam and the Medias Coverage of It Vietnam is unlike any war ever fought, unlike other war that we fought none before that brought so much controversy as to how it was covered by the media, it forever changed the way we the public looked at war. As technology evolved so did the ability to cover news. In the years prior to Vietnam there was only radio and television was not yet in every household, not to mention there wasnt no color televisions and very few color

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Principles of Management Case of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Question: Discuss about thePrinciples of Management forCase of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. Answer: The above are some of the functions and roles that a manager in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is expected to perform. They include; Planning Planning is one of the functions of a manager. He is the chief planner. For other departments to implement decisions, they are first planned through the managers desk. In this case, the manager in Abu Dhabi Islamic bank plans with the assistance of the management body on how to run the company for the better of its future development. In this function, the decisions are formulated, aims and goals identified (Shastri, Hoda, Amor, 2017, P.45). Leading The leadership role is under his task. He has to lead all the other depertments, the line management starts from him. In this role, he gives order to the companys workers. For instance in Abu Dhabi National Bank, he leads the insurance departments, the human resource department, the sales department, the welfare and also the finance department. Organizing In Abu Dhabi Islamic bank, there are several activities and functions that the manager takes the organizing role so as they can all be successful. He is the one who organize on how certain department, for example, how the human resource department would acquire enough facilities, schedule meetings. He also guides on how the implementation would be made efficient (Baumann-Pauly et al., 2013, p.693). Controlling The manager in this bank plays the controling role. He controls other departments to ensure that the standards of the organization are well maintained with high perfpormance levels, and taking collective action to avoid any loop for a company to collapse. The bank manager controls even the working hours liaising with Human resource department. Managerial roles are seen to be consistent in any organization. According to Ralph (2013), consistency acts as the foundation of concrete management. The later means that, the manager in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank for example plays a consostent role in the line of duty. The decisions made for an organization today, affect the next day of the organization. The banks decision maybe to introduce machine based operations and dismiss the workers today, may be the change would affest the organization socially. The explanations means that during the whole process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling, there should be consistency. The operations of the organization should as well be consistent. What the company choses to do should be traced with a high degree of consistency as long as the same environment exists (Iqbal Molyneux, 2016, P.97). As a manager in Abu Dhabi Islamic bank, I am expected as per this theory to be in a position to understand how the banking systems operate. The theory says that the organization is made up of many parts. All these parts work differently but in unity and in a close relationship to provide better services for the whole company. Therefore, I would co-operate with all the companys departments so as we call have a good system of operation (Rice, 2013, P. 17). System theory emphasizes that the manager should understand all the system in the organization, understand how they benefit and affect the organization either negatively or positively. The theory gives the manager a chance to examine pattern and events in the workplace. This would help me as the manager in this environment to evaluate the goals of his organization. References Shastri, Y., Hoda, R., Amor, R. (2017, February). Understanding the Roles of the Manager in Agile Project Management. In Proceedings of the 10th Innovations in Software Engineering Conference (pp. 45-55). ACM. Baumann-Pauly, D., Wickert, C., Spence, L. J., Scherer, A. G. (2013). Organizing corporate social responsibility in small and large firms: Size matters. Journal of Business Ethics, 115(4), 693-705. Iqbal, M., Molyneux, P. (2016). Thirty years of Islamic banking: History, performance and prospects. Springer. Rice, A. L. (2013). The enterprise and its environment: A system theory of management organization (Vol. 10). Routledge.